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Coordinators Are Needed for PMC Kids Rides

By: PMC Kids Rides Program

Mar 4, 2022 10:09:40 AM

PMC Kids Rides are back and will be held in person in 2022! Registration for some spring rides will open on March 15.

The following communities need new leadership for new or continuing PMC Kids Rides:

  • Boston
  • Newton
  • Lexington
  • New Bedford
  • Worcester
  • Amherst
  • Providence, RI

Do you know someone in one of these communities who would be a good fit to volunteer and lead a PMC Kids Rides? Please tell them to reach out to PMC Kids Rides Manager Justine Darmanian at justine@pmc.org or 781-343-4012.

Become a PMC Kids Ride Coordinator

PMC Kids Rides coordinators are individuals who are hardworking, detail oriented, involved in their communities, and passionate about bringing the PMC's mission to the next generation.

"I started the Franklin ride in honor of one of my closest friends who passed away from lung cancer. She left 3 small children, and I truly didn’t want to see other families go through the pain and heartbreak," said Lisa Marchioni, Franklin PMC Kids Ride Coordinator.

The PMC Kids Rides Program offers children, parents, and neighbors an opportunity to work together to create individual bike-a-thons in neighborhoods, at schools, or in business complexes. Rides enable children between the ages of 2 and 15 to ride their bikes and solicit sponsors to donate money to cancer research.

Want to Start a Ride in Your Community?

The PMC Kids Rides Program is always looking for new coordinators and communities to further engage youth in philanthropy, instill the value of working for the benefit of others, and promote athletic fitness and physical activity.

Find the list of existing PMC Kids Rides here to check if there is already a ride near you. If there is not a ride in your community, contact Justine Darmanian about starting a ride.

After that, the first step in planning your ride is to form a committee and pick a location, date and time for your ride. Your local police department will play a critical role in confirming the safety of the route and help determine an appropriate number of participants for the event. Once the PMC staff staff and your local police have approved the route, you are ready to continue planning your PMC Kids Ride!

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